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"I've been looking for a better way to share our budget with my wife" "I saved over $800 a month on my health insurance" "We can make sure mom's bills are paid on time" "I use it on my phone- so much better than a spreadsheet" "Spendbot aligns our spending with our values instead of just reporting where I blew my money" "No bank account passwords, or even bank account? Sign me up" "This will do for spending what Google did for search" "Cashflow forecasting for free- awesome" "I have an autistic child, and was worried what I was going to do. This will help" Spendbot- the world's Best Personal Financial Management System

Spendbot is a Personal Financial Execution (PFE) solution. Our current tools can be found at www.spendbot.com, and our blog is here. We're headquartered in Chicago with a highly experienced team building the world's best solution for people who need to better plan, track, and reduce their spending.

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